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The site contains an evolving audio archive of services from the 1950s until present, searchable by the speaker, year and announced preacher.

Minimally, these fields are currently labeled by the year and announced preacher. As an example, you can search for a particular meeting by typing the announced preacher, entering a space, and the year. So if you wanted to find meetings with Bro. Ray Smith in 1987, you could enter "Smith 87" and the tracks from that service should be listed sequentially. To find where 'John Doe' spoke, you can search for JohnDoe (with no space). A limited number of tracks are retrieved by default; if you verify you've entered the intended search, but you want more tracks, you can touch the "+" button to the right of the "Search Audio" header to gather all the rest of the files that match that search criteria. It is best to only use the "+" button if you need it (and turn it off when no longer needed); it can make your phone or computer seem slow as it searches 13,000+ tracks.

Most mobile devices attempt to save battery life and will NOT continue to the next track if the web browser is not active on your screen OR if the screen locks. For continuous, multi-track play, you can temporarily disable your screen lock and keep the web browser active and visible on the screen.

There are also buttons for pause, previous and next that work as you would expect. You can typically enjoy this audio through the newest cars with Bluetooth audio, slightly older cars usually have an audio-in jack, and you could consider a cassette adapter.

You can touch the star on the right side to mark the track as a favorite. If you select the star at the top right, then only your favorites will show in the list.

You can touch the plus on the right side to show up to 1000 items.





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